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Insurance Quotes Review (NetQuote)

NetQuote is a quote referral service -much like a mortgage quote provider. You fill out a simple, one-minute form and they go to work to match you up with the top insurance quotes from hundreds of Insurance agencies.

Some people are skeptical of services like this, but they really do work. I, personally, use insurance quotes services like this for everything I can. They are an invaluable time-saver. Fortunately, these insurance quotes services are becoming quite popular because of their success rate in lowering insurance payments or finding the best insurance rates. Not only that, they are quick too.

I have used several quotes services to lower everything from my health insurance to my auto loan payments and auto insurance to my mortgage payment. At first, I spent the tediously long hours searching and applying for insurance quotes myself, and then I applied to the "aggregators" or "insurance quotes shops." The difference was staggering.

Why are these companies able to get such low rates?

Well, when you apply directly to a company, they want your business... but, it's a bit of a shot in the dark and they do not want to undersell themselves. When you apply through a quote service, they know that they are competing with other highly competitive companies. So, they know they need to give it their best shot right off the bat.

This is because getting any business -even if it's at a lower profit margin- is still more business than they had before. So, I always 100% fully recommend using insurance quotes services.

Insurance Quotes Shop Differences

Now, having said that, not all insurance quotes shops are equal. That I suppose is the reluctance for some people not using them. Some are scams and others will sell your email address and will SPAM the heck out of you! Not good. So, what to do?

Since this review is about NetQuote (insurance quotes), I will limit the discussion to just insurance quotes. You can visit Mortgage-Mender to learn more about Mortgage Quotes. We have tried several different insurance quotes shops to find the best one.

By far, we have to say we were absolutely thrilled with NetQuote. Their service was quick and professional, and they definately had the lowest insurance quotes around. In our case, it was a no-brainer. When we compared services and costs; we jumped on the lower insurance rates offered through NetQuote. We actually used them to lower ALL of our insurance payments.

We switched our service after having gotten all of the following:

  • Health Insurance Quotes
  • Auto Insurance Quotes
  • Life Insurance Quotes (this was new for us as we did not previously have life insurance)
  • Homeowners Insurance Quotes

They also offer Renters Insurance quotes and Group Health Insurance quotes, but we did not have a need for those. I am sure their rates and quotes are equally good for those as well.

So, if you're looking to get insurance for the first time or if you just want to lower your insurance payment with a reputable company. Check out NetQuote. Enjoy!

Best Insurance Quotes!
Insurance Quotes from NetQuote

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