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E-LOAN Review

E-LOAN processes and underwrites your loan application in-house. They combine the best elements of brokering and lending to provide you with optimum home loan choices. E-LOAN has streamlined the financing process even further by eliminating all lender fees. So whether you're shopping for a home loan or a home equity loan, you can be assured that you will always know what you're paying for. At E-LOAN, there's no bait and switch. No annoying fees...large or small. Just a great rate.

We have used E-LOAN personally, and our experience was very favorable. Their sales staff and personal attention to detail were extraordinary. They answered every question and left no stone unturned. We were a little surprised after the close when our loan package was auctioned off to Countrywide Mortgage, but it was a transparent process that required no interaction or cost on our part --it was just that it wasn't expected. Overall, we liked our experience with E-LOAN and with the money we saved, we would definately go with them again. Should they provide a quote, we highly recommend E-LOAN for consideration!


It's as simple as 1-2-3:
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  • Second - Review all of the great options presented to you.

  • Last - Pick who saves you the most money. It doesn't get any simpler than that!

We hope that we can be your gateway to the best financial decision you'll make all year! Information provided as a service and we are in no way affiliated with reviewed lenders.


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